Creating X.509 certificates programmatically in Java

Creating X.509 certificates programmatically in Java My probem statement was simple: create a X.509 certificate with only a few fields being configurable, sign it with an already existing CA private key/certificate combination, and write the new certificate in PKCS12 format. Then it became complicated: I needed to it with Java, on a PDA. I spent about 2 days to get this seemingly simple task to work, so I thought it might be good to share my findings in the hope that they will serve others with similar problems.

Howto use Aladdin eToken under Linux

Introduction After some work on getting the Austrian Bürgerkarte to work under Linux, I have now decided to acquire some know-how about using more general smart cards under Linux. After some quick research, the Aladdin smart cards seem to be supported fairly well, so I ordered a bunch of different types. This page details how to make them work (my principal systems are running Debian or Ubuntu, but most should be applicable to any Linux distribution).