Important note: This list of projects is horribly out of date from an academic point of view, partially due to industry projects with a semi-closed information release policy, but more so due to my lack of time in writing up good summaries. Please bear with me until this list gets updated.

Some of the projects I managed or was part of in the last years were

  • Gibraltar firewall: The Gibraltar firewall is basically a live Linux system bootable from a CD-ROM that is optimized for being used as a router/firewall. It was one of the earlier (maybe the first) live CDs based on proper Debian GNU/Linux and also one of the first firewall packages that run directly off CD-ROM with no need to install it on a harddisk (which is good from a security point of view and for maintenance). Started as a hobby in summer 2000, it evolved into a commercial product developed and distributed in cooperation with Esys GmbH.
Gibraltar  firewall logo
  • Context authentication: Research within the Relate project showed that context-based authentication is a more general area and is useful for efficient and intuitive authentication with many different sensor platforms. This is my current main research topic, and funded by the Commission of the European Union under the FP6 Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship program contract MEIF-CT-2006-042194 "CAPER".
 Mobile phone and Bluetooth headset
  • OpenUAT: The Open Source Ubiquitous Authentication Toolkit
  • Relate: In this larger EU/EPSRC project about spatial positioning using ultrasound sensing, I am responsible for the architectural design and management of the host software development. Additionally, I focus on the security aspects of relative, peer-to-peer positioning. At the moment, I work on a spatial authentication protocol that allows for a more intuitive authentication between mobile and/or stationary devices.
 Relate USB dongle connected to laptop
  • A framework for context prediction: In the course of the research that led to my PhD thesis, Harald Radi and I designed and implemented a software framework that allows on-line prediction of future context. A description of the framework can be found in my PhD thesis and Harald Radi's diploma thesis as well as in some of our publications.
 Context  prediction framework overview
TranquilPC  T2e
  • Peer-to-Peer: A larger co-operation project between the Johannes Kepler University of Linz and Siemens AG, spawning multiple sub projects like Digital Aura and Peer-Its. During my time at Johannes Kepler University of Linz, I was responsible for software design and some parts of the implementation, cross-platform and interoperability issues among different embedded systems platforms, and partially for the project management and presentations.
  • DEVSNeuron: An event-based simulator for spiking neural networks developed as part of my diploma thesis.
Screenshot of DEVSNeuron simulator
  • Debian GNU/Linux: I maintain a few packages for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, mostly in the security area. Please see my open source page for details.
Debian logo
  • CAPP Knowledge: As an experience with SAP R/3 programming, I was part of the initial development team of the CAPP Knowledge system, a time management system integrated directly with SAP R/3 PP and PM modules. Started in cooperation with BMW Steyr, it has been taken on by DMC Group as a standard product.
CAPP Knowledge logo
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